The fairway wood that started a revolution for performance is back with vengeance, the 2018 Orlimar TriMetal utilizes the latest technology and materials to create a club that is not only easy to hit but extremely long and accurate too.  TriMetal, like the name suggests, comprises of 3 distinct metals. High-strength S450 stainless steel encompasses the body including the ultra-thin face - as low as 2.0mm on the variable face design - to maximize ball speed coming off the face.  The precision-cast sole is constructed of 17-4 stainless steel that is vacuum cast for strength and superior weight distribution. Lastly, the 10-gram tungsten screw is positioned strategically for pinpoint accuracy.  Like its' predecessor, the TriMetal fairway is low profile to extract the ball effortlessly from the tightest of lies. Conforms to the Rules of Golf.

club feature


What Makes the Tri-Metal so Special?

Saves valuable weight which lowers the center of gravity for improved performance.

Ultra-Thin Crown

Positions weight strategically for maximum M.O.I. and pinpoint accuracy.

Tungsten Weighted

Provides added strength and superior weight distribution.

Vacuum Cast 17-4 Stainless Steel Sole

The shallow face design makes it easy to get the ball airborne even from the tightest of lies.

Low Profile

The high-strength variable face thickness face, reacts like a trampoline to maximize ball speed and distance.

Ultra-Thin S450 Stainless Steel Face

shaft, grip & headcover

Shaft: UST-Mamiya Recoil 450 / 460 ES Fairway

Grip: Orlimar Custom Velvet

Headcover: Tri Metal Fairway Wood